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Decorative Resin

New to the UK, Decorative Resin is one of the latest and most versatile flooring finishes available. Suitable for domestic and commercial settings, we are specialist in designing and installing resin floors.

You're the designer

Our Decorative Resin floors are completely customisable. Choose from a range of finishes and colours to create a truly unique design that compliments your space perfectly. 

Highly durable and easy to clean, resin floors are great for kitchens and bathrooms, adding real wow factor!


For any space

As vibrant or as subtle as it needs to be, with fantastically long-lasting and fit-for-purpose properties, Decorative Resin is suitable for domestic and commercial settings. 

Make a statement in your commercial space by using Decorative Resin to showcase your brand colours, and create a real talking point with clients.

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